21 April 2009

The ugliness and brutality of Indian politics

The heat of elections is towards the end. The electoral propaganda fools us always. I lament on the ugliness and brutality of politicians and their parties. How they twist the fact to their selfish ends! They are ready to go to any extremes to win votes. They support even terrorists to win a community's vote. We have seen how some religious leaders go hand in hand with these stained politicians.
Even the places of worship are used for political mileage. We are in such a pathetic situation that sanctum Santorum is unable to give us peace. God has already gone out of many places of worship, being unable bear with the torture, bargain and trade in his name. Blacksheeps in religion are growing in large number. Everything is communalized. Man is unable to see another man. Really feel suffocated. Where should we go to get peace? Feel ashamed of exercising democratic rights. Do not know whom to caste vote. Everywhere see treachery and betrayal. My heart bleeds.
The treacherous politicians ought to remember that our country and its democracy is all merciful. That is why many of you are not behind bars for looting her. That is why a few Lalloos, Pinarayis and karunakarans, George Fernandez are still in this country’s soil. Tell your brigades to withdraw their deposits in Swiss banks and return it to our country which was looted. If not, time will declare you one day as extinct.
You and your followers will have an abrupt end like the Dina users which ruled the earth a few million years before.
May our great writers and thinkers and other visionaries lead us to positive thoughts for a peaceful life. All can't go to caves and solitude for peace.
Let us pray our Great benefactor to shed light on our journey to the other end.
- Jayaprakash T.S. (A teacher working in the Maldives.)
jayaprakashts at gmail dot com


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