24 September 2008

du Announces Grand Prize of SMS Ramadan Challenge: Luxury Vacation for Two

du, the integrated telecom operator in the UAE has announced the grand prize of the popular SMS Ramadan Challenge. The winner will get a travel voucher worth AED 50,000 for two people to any destination of choice as offered by the Al Tayer Travel Agency. The voucher includes both travel and accommodation. The name of the winner will be announced by Oct 12, 2008 at the end of the competition.

The grand prize will be given to the person who is the first to answer maximum number of questions correctly in the shortest response time. The winner will also get a certificate of appreciation from du.

Farid Faraidooni, EVP Commercial, du, said: "The door is now open for all participants to put in their best efforts and claim the grand prize. We are sure that the response to the competition will further go up and exceed our expectations, as it has so far. I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and wish all participants the very best."

Now in its third week, the du SMS Ramadan Challenge has drawn more than 1.8 million SMS hits with participation from over 50,000 du customers. Every week the top scorer gets free du talk-time worth AED 5,500 while 55 other winners each receive free talk-time worth AED 550. For the week ending 13 September, the top scorer is an Indian national Ms Aisha Tanvir.

Ms. Aisha Tanvir, the second week winner, said: "It feels great to be the winner. I would like to thank du for presenting this wonderful Quiz during the month of Ramadan. The questions are well suited for the occasion."

Another winner, Abdul Jawad Zakariya, an Egyptian, said: "Honestly I did not expect to win this quiz. I found it challenging and now I feel my efforts have paid off. I am really very happy to win this. Thank you du."

The competition which is designed to test du customers' knowledge of Ramadan, the Arabic language and UAE culture has weekly and grand prizes to be won, in addition to free credits for every correct answer. For every ten questions played, du customers receive a bonus of 10 fils.

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