26 October 2008

Save up to 50% on International calls with Etisalat’s new Super Off-Peak Plan

Etisalat announced a new International Super Off-Peak plan which would give both its Wasel and GSM customers more savings on their off- peak calls to international destinations all over the world. The new plan will be an optional one for customers with the added benefits of no rental or activation fees. Customers who subscribe to the new plan would get 50% savings on the off-peak rate for their international calls as part of a new Super Off-Peak Plan. The Super Off-Peak hours will be from 1 am to 7 am everyday.

In addition to the super off-peak, customers will also benefit from the normal off peak hours applicable from 2 pm - 4 pm, 9 pm -1 am on week days, and from 7 am on Friday to 1 am on Saturday. During off-peak hours, GSM customers will be saving 30% more than the current off peak rate, while Wasel customers will be saving 25% more than the current off-peak rate.

With text messaging being a popular mode of communication, the new Super Off-Peak plan will continue to offer competitive SMS rates to international numbers at the existing 60 fils/SMS. Domestic SMS however will be charged at 30 fils/SMS. Local calls to mobile and fixed lines during peak hours will be 36 fils/min .However, charges for international calls during peak time will cost an additional 10% under this new plan.

Essa Al Haddad, Chief Marketing Officer, Etisalat said: “ The new Super Off-Peak plan is in line with our strategy of providing convenience, enhanced coverage and additional value to our customers, by enabling them to save more, while conveniently reaching out to their family and friends across the world on a more frequent basis. Furthermore, customers can now pick and choose from various “value” options provided by Etisalat like Global Friends & Family plan, Favorite Country Plan, and now the Super off peak plan, thereby providing customized options based on their diverse requirements.”

The Global Friends and Family plan enables customers to select any three international numbers for a discount of 20%, for a monthly fee of AED 20. The Favourite Country Plan brings discounts of 30% for fixed-lines, 25% for postpaid mobiles, and 20% for Wasel subscribers.

He added, “This latest initiative is part of Etisalat‘s continuous efforts to offer outstanding value to our customers in an environment where the cost of living and other expenses are on the rise.”

To activate the new super off-peak plan, customers can call 125, or visit any of the Etisalat Business centers/ outlets across the country.

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