04 November 2008

du partners with Sony Pictures to bring Exclusive new James Bond ’Quantum of Solace‘ mobile content to customers in the UAE

Keeping in mind the huge James Bond fan club in the UAE, du, the UAE’s integrated telecom operator is offering its customers mobile content from Sony’s upcoming new James Bond movie ‘Quantum of Solace'. du has an exclusive partnership with Sony Pictures through its agreement with Hungama Mobile. To compliment this offering, du has also introduced a limited edition ‘Bond’ SIM pack. This was announced during GITEX 2008, the premiere IT and telecom event in the region.

‘Quantum of Solace’ is scheduled to be released in the UAE on 7 November and is the 22nd movie of the famous fictional character James Bond and his high-octane adventures.

Farid Faraidooni, EVP Commercial, du, said: “We are constantly raising the bar to bring the latest mobile content to our customers. Our partnership with Hungama and Sony Pictures allows us the unique opportunity to offer exclusive James Bond content and promotions, which means they can catch the James Bond action on their mobiles as well as on the big screen. Our promise is to add life to life and we can assure our customers we will continue to do so in new and innovative ways.”

This is the third time du offers exclusive Hollywood mobile content, following the launches of ‘Spiderman 3’ and ‘Surf’s Up’ last year. The exclusive mobile content comprises wallpapers, ringtones, animations, videos and games. du's mobile content is available to both existing and new customers.

Existing du customers can download a range of wallpapers, ringtones and other exciting mobile content from the ‘Quantum of Solace’ zone on MyWorld (http://myworld.du.ae) – du’s mobile portal. du customers can also access the Quantum of Solace zone by simply sending a SMS with the text ‘bond’ to short code 1007.

Callertune subscribers can set music from the movie as their caller tune by calling 156 from their du line. Those who do not have the service activated can call 135 to activate.

Limited Edition ‘Bond’ SIM Pack
du has gone one step ahead to introduce a Limited edition ‘Bond’ themed SIM pack which is available at all du shops for a special price of AED 65 effective 2 November 2008. This SIM pack comes with its own James Bond packaging and contains a content card that gives access to exclusive James Bond mobile content worth AED 65. This SIM pack will be available only in du Shops till stocks last. Availability will be announced through press ads shortly.

Loads of movie tickets to win
Each content download from the Quantum of Solace zone offers a chance for du customers to win a movie voucher (comprising two movie tickets) for the movie ‘Quantum of Solace’ playing at any Cinestar outlet in the UAE. Customers can also win by subscribing to the Caller tune service by calling 135, or by subscribing to any of the Mobile TV packages by sending ‘dutv’ (to subscribe to the entire bouquet of 23 Mobile TV channels) or ‘du1tv’ (to

subscribe to one Mobile TV channel) to 1155. Customers will pay AED80 per month for the entire bouquet of Mobile TV channels and only AED10 per month for the 1 channel subscription. A total of 55 movie vouchers (110 tickets) are on offer daily. du would be announcing the launch of these exciting promos shortly through press ads

Recharge and win loads of attractive James Bond merchandise :
du Pay as you Go , Pay as you Go plus, Visitor Mobile customers can also win exciting James Bond merchandise by recharging at least once with a recharge denomination of AED 50 and above. Each recharge instance gives customers the chance to win an exciting array of merchandise in a specially designed James Bond kit. du will be announcing the launch of this promotion through press ads.

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