12 June 2009

Obama behind the racist attacks against Indians

ku-klux-klanThe spreading of racial attacks against Indian students from Australia to Canada has strengthened the dreaded concerns that the white supremacy secret organization, Ku Klux Klan is behind the attacks on the minority community.
In the past one month, 11 cases of such racial attacks were reported in Australia. The life of one of the students, who was attacked was in danger, the doctors said.
In the early stages, the police and the authorities refused to acknowledge that the attacks, which were called "Curry Bashing" in the local slang, were racially motivated. The authorities instead, blamed the Indian students of not conducting themselves in public places and advised them not to talk in their native languages loudly in public. This came as a big surprise from a multi ethnic community who took pride in their ethnic tolerance and preservation of ethnic identities.


An attacked Indian student's relatives protest against the racial attacks

Early in February, the police had warned Indian students not to carry publicly and display valuable articles, like laptops or iphones and demanded Indian students to show more restraint in their social activities. The Australian police were also planning to tour India and conduct training sessions in acceptable behaviour, in various Indian cities like Bangalaore, to aspiring Indian students seeking higher education in Australian educational institutions.
The white supremacy secret organization called Ku Klux Klan, whose proclaimed aim is to protect the rights of the white, endorses violence and intimidation to acheve its goals. Although formed in the United States, it has spread itself to several countries occupied by the white population. The Klan started its function by attacking the African Americans and then proceeded to target Jews, Roman Catholics, Labour Unions and other Minority Communities.
The election of an Afro American, Barack Obama, to the presidency of the United States of America, had enraged the Klan and this in turn resulted in an unprecedented rush in recruitment to the Klan in the recent months. Although the membership to the Klan is a well guarded secret, this fact was revealed to the media by a top Klansman, to emphasize the Obama effect on racism.
The recent violent racist attacks against the Asian community and especially the Indian students in Australia, followed by similar incidents in Canada, signals an emerging global phenomenon possibly perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan.


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