08 August 2008

A tribute to dear departed FUNA

Funa you were our shelter. For many years you sheltered us from scorching heat. You sheltered many tiny living organism for many decades. Our children enjoyed your cool refreshing shade over many years. You were a standing witness to many events in the growth of this Alma Mater. Many glittering faces had moved under your nose. Many in their life’s turn do remember you and many weep on your sudden departure.

The nature has called you back to its bosom. We love to feel that you have got a lift up. You are journeying into another process of evolution to a higher dimension. We love to remember that you are in a blissful world in the realm of time. In times ahead, in the process of evolution, our successors will witness you in another greater manifestation.

We don’t curse the wind on that ill-fated day. Wind was only a cause. It was only a medium of call. If we curse the wind, we have to curse Bush and Osama. One complements the other. Both are two sides of the same coin, with the same goal. This too is another cosmic play.

So no curse to the cause as cause and effect are inexorable. But we lament on your sudden demise. Everything lovely disappears at short notice reminding us the momentary life on earth. You were born green, lived green and remain evergreen in our mind.

A drop of tear at your feet.

There was a Funa tree (in Malayalam it is called ‘Punna’) in our school campus on the assembly ground. It shaded our school ground for six decades. But it was uprooted a week ago by storm at night. Its sudden departure was a shock to all of us in the school. We wish to share our grief with the esteemed readers of ePathram.

Jayaprakash T.S.
Secondary Supervisor
Baa Atoll Education Centre
C/o Ministry of Education


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August 9, 2008 1:43 PM  

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