My dear Lohi, may your soul rest in peace in eternity.

July 3rd, 2009

lohithadasThe thoughts on Lohi were falling dew drops to my whole being. I feel at lose from the deep depth of my heart on his sudden demise. I feel a vacuum in my thoughts. My thoughts are shadowed. He had a pen which sketched our stories. The story of our life was born in his thoughts. The scenes in his films took us to green and serene village life. We always felt the touch of love and pain his screen plays.
One has to accept the Time. It brings one to the exit point. Its plays are beyond our finite thoughts. It takes gems and pearls from the earth for celestial decoration and fills in the void, with newer ones from its womb.
My dear departed writer, my prayer and cherished thoughts that you are a brighter spot in heavenly realm.
Jayaprakash T.S.
   Teacher working in the Maldives.

- ജെ.എസ്.


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The ugliness and brutality of Indian politics

April 21st, 2009
The heat of elections is towards the end. The electoral propaganda fools us always. I lament on the ugliness and brutality of politicians and their parties. How they twist the fact to their selfish ends! They are ready to go to any extremes to win votes. They support even terrorists to win a community’s vote. We have seen how some religious leaders go hand in hand with these stained politicians.
Even the places of worship are used for political mileage. We are in such a pathetic situation that sanctum Santorum is unable to give us peace. God has already gone out of many places of worship, being unable bear with the torture, bargain and trade in his name. Blacksheeps in religion are growing in large number. Everything is communalized. Man is unable to see another man. Really feel suffocated. Where should we go to get peace? Feel ashamed of exercising democratic rights. Do not know whom to caste vote. Everywhere see treachery and betrayal. My heart bleeds.
The treacherous politicians ought to remember that our country and its democracy is all merciful. That is why many of you are not behind bars for looting her. That is why a few Lalloos, Pinarayis and karunakarans, George Fernandez are still in this country’s soil. Tell your brigades to withdraw their deposits in Swiss banks and return it to our country which was looted. If not, time will declare you one day as extinct.
You and your followers will have an abrupt end like the Dina users which ruled the earth a few million years before.
May our great writers and thinkers and other visionaries lead us to positive thoughts for a peaceful life. All can’t go to caves and solitude for peace.
Let us pray our Great benefactor to shed light on our journey to the other end.
Jayaprakash T.S. (A teacher working in the Maldives.)
jayaprakashts at gmail dot com

- ജെ.എസ്.

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My experience in a University of loafers

June 22nd, 2008

I want to relate a painful experience I have had, in the Kerala University. I had my post metric qualifications from this university from 1979 to 1984 for Pre degree and Degree.

After a gap of nearly 24 years, in relation to my job, I was in need of my year wise mark lists for Pre degree and Degree courses. As I was in overseas service, I contacted this university by e mail, the details of how to apply for, fee and other formalities. My e mail message reached to dumb ears.

In December 2008, back home I got in touch with the Deputy Registrar Mr. Raghavan, through one of my friends working in VSSC, Trivandrum.

As Mr. Raghavan informed me, I was there in the University’s Palayam office right at 8.45 am. By around 10 am Mr. Raghavan reached his office. After half an hour he took me directly to the section meant for NSS College, Changanacherry. But it was found closed.

There I found two persons from central Kerala with the same purpose as I had. Mr. Raghavan felt it surprised to see that, on a working day one of the sections of the university is found closed and that too at 11.15 am. Somehow Mr. Raghavan got it opened and later I came to know that, of the three persons meant for that section, two were on leave and the other would be late. He asked the peon to search for my file. Immediately the peon, like an officer in charge, in front of Mr. Raghavan, commanded me to get a certificate of my identity from the college where I studied a decade back. I showed him my T.C. Reluctantly and angrily he started searching for the file. By around 11.45 am the employee who was late arrived, and she told me she would not do the work that day and I should reach there the next day afternoon, because she would have to take her daughter to hospital the next day morning. I pleaded her that it was an urgent matter and that I was sick and not in a position to stay for one more day. She did not mind my words. I met Mr. Raghavan and informed him of her reluctance to do the work.

He returned and advised her in person to help me. She was found very stubborn to her superior and told him; at any cost she would not do this particular work that day. I was compelled to stay there for that day.

Very next day again Mr. Raghavan approached that section for me and by 11.15 am one of the other two who were on leave reached the scene. He told me there was no printed format available. So he would not do it and finally on the request of Mr. Raghavan, he managed to get the format filled in with the marks and gave the file to me to submit it on the table of another superior officer to get her signature. Thus I had to do the voluntary service as a peon. Meanwhile I found the peon dilly dallying with his friends in section.

Meanwhile it would be ingratitude, if I do not reflect on the kind service of Mr. Raghavan, the Deputy Registrar of this University. He is a true Gandhian to any who approach him for guidance and help. My deep gratitude to that duty bound officer. Like him there are a few officers who deserve respect.

During those two days of my stay there I found:

  1. Most of the employees reach the university around 11 am though the working time begins at 10 am.
  2. Most of them very punctual to leave the office between 3.30 pm and 4 pm while the closing time is 5 pm.
  3. There is state of complete anarchy there. The employees have no respect for their superiors.
  4. Many chairs were found unoccupied.
  5. The University does not have an ATM Centre.
  6. Its canteen in quite untidy.
  7. The university does not respond to our e mail enquiries. The very appearance of the web site depicts the sad state of affairs of the university.

Actually I had a hellish experience from this no one to run university. It is a shame to our state that this university exists in the heart of our capital bearing sree padmanabha mudra and the name of our state.

Jayaprakash, Nedumkunnam

- ജെ.എസ്.


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Barberism of caste based census

May 19th, 2008

I wish to write this article in response to a news in the daily Mathrubhumi, a week back that the next nation wide census would be based on caste basis.

We talk at length against casteism and even we are taught not to talk about one’s religion or caste. We should see people beyond the barriers of caste creed or sect. But it is a paradox that we have the rotten experience of casteism in every walk of life. This barbaric segregation is rampant everywhere. One can experience the ugliness and brutality of casteism on the political and economic scenario.

Those who steer the nation, with an eye on vote bank do frequent legislations to ensure job reservations for backward classes. Even in the field of research and development one can see caste based selection.

The proponents of our constitution proposed the job reservations for backward classes for a period of 10 years. Our politicians, for appeasing the backward classes, have extended it for many years. It is unfortunate the reservation meant for many deserving ones among backward classes do not reach them. Many of the unscrupulous politicians and bureaucrats take due care to see that the benefits of reservations should not reach the needy among the backward communities. As a result the situation of many among the backward communities especially in the northern India has fallen from bad to worst.

In our nation there are many among the forward caste communities, who live below the poverty line. Many of their children are denied their right to proper education or jobs economic backwardness. Is it a sin that one is born in an economically backward forward caste community?

Why don’t those who run the government propose and legislate for reservations on economic backgrounds

As a responsible and civic conscious citizen of my nation, I earnestly appeal those who are at the helms of affairs to stop dividing the country on the basis of caste creed and religion, instead ensure the socio, economic and cultural equality to all.

Jayaprakash T.S
Kottayam District.
e mail:

Jayaprakash T.S.
Secondary Supervisor
Baa Atoll Education Centre
C/O Ministry of Education
Republic of Maldives
Phone 00960 7752974

- ജെ.എസ്.


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