Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Indian woman mirrors WikiLeaks


Mumbai : An Indian entrepreneur who likes to identify herself as an ordinary housewife as the name of her blog “aam janata” indicates, has taken an unusual step in support of the whistleblower website WikiLeaks by hosting a mirror server of WikiLeaks on her business server. She is perhaps the first Indian initiative to support WikiLeaks by offering such a service.

Vidyut Kale, a behavioural scientist and corporate trainer based in Mumbai says that she felt that the Indian media has made a mess of the way the WikiLeaks revelations were reported. Sidelining many of the more relevant issues that came to light in the latest expose by WikiLeaks, the Indian media was focusing on the role of the ISI and the Leshkar e Toiba in the Mumbai terror attacks. It was even reported that the diplomatic cables revealed by the WikiLeaks says that the ISI knew that the LeT was planning an attack beforehand, whereas the cable actually speaks about diplomats wondering if the ISI knew about the attack beforehand.

WikiLeaks is a strong movement standing for truth. What is being achieved by such misrepresentation of truth, she asks. The Indian media is working in a “Bollywood” style by sensationalizing news, she added.

Regardless of how the material was obtained, and the legal status of WikiLeaks, the world has a right to know misconduct of governments that they elect. This misconduct is being carried out in their name, in the name of their country. The methods the US is using are in themselves illegal and are being used to suppress the revealing of actions that they would consider illegal if committed against themselves. Even when they dont have a clear law saying that what Julian Assanges did is wrong, they have politicians coming up and inciting people that he is a terrorist. This is shocking. And America is creating a lot of hype about this being an issue of national security and the people are blindly following.

Wikileaks is not illegal, since it has broken no laws. There is no law in the world that can prevent an investigative journalist from publishing material it acquires and making it available to the masses – now law in democracies and countries with modern values, that is. The state of US as either is looking increasingly dubious.

To preserve democratic values, such revelations should be freely discussed in the society and attempts to cover up these should be condemned. India, as the largest democracy in the world, should stand firmly for such journalistic freedom and should not follow suit as per American whims and wishes. Personally I have always felt that America has a huge influence on our fashion, our work culture, and even what we think is good is influenced by the American media.

Even the way Sweden has been dealing the issue is a joke. They have made up a case against him and tried to arrest him and produce him before the court. Its a joke that the Interpol is trying to arrest someone for not using a condom and having sex. Its worse than a government official using his subordinate to buy vegetables,

In the recent times India is so closely complying to all demands by the US and we have been hastily signing deals and treaties with the US. As a protest to this American hegemony, I decided to provide a mirror server to the WikiLeaks website as soon as I heard that they were looking out for mirrors.  I set up my own mirror of the WikiLeaks at http://wikileaks.aamjanata.com/

Although my server, which I am using for my business purpose, is located in California in the US, and this may irk the US authorities, I am prepared to take the risk, because it is for a just cause – Vidyut says.

Vidyut Kale is a behavioral scientist who conducts corporate training programmes based in Mumbai. She says she was convinced that if she wanted to be able to sell her business without traveling across this humid city, she needed a web site. Since she couldn’t afford it, she decided to learn how to make it on her own. What happened then is a long journey learning how to make a site, how to make it better, how to add nice functionality, blogs, CMS etc.

Somewhere along this journey, she found her new love – the love of writing, of expressing, sharing and connecting. With time, this began reflecting in the content of her site, and she found herself ready for a blog, “Life as I find it“.


Life As I Find It...

Along with her partner Raka, she also handles adventure activities and provides outdoor support on programmes based on Experiential learning . They also manages the Himalayan Tours and the development of adventure facilities for Wide Aware, their adventure tour company.

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